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Not much information about the coupling is known yet, but there were 3 female stars and 5 male stars, so 2 of the men might have been special guests.

Although the first broadcast has yet to even be broadcast, fans of Nichkhun and Victoria are showing signs of frustration.

As if to add to the fire, Nichkhun tweeted Ukiss’s Alexander on the 7th through Twitter and stated, “My wife! Especially since it was a picture that only showed the back of her head, fans immediately cried out in despair at his tweet.

Nichkhun and Victoria have yet to even begin their marriage life.

Fans are already screaming, “We object this marriage! What will the reaction of these fans be once the married life of these two actually airs?

The dorm grew quiet for a couple of seconds before Chansung laughed maniacally. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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The trio already went to China on the 26th to film the program, and fans have already talked about seeing their shooting on social networks.

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