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He has written five books including the best book on blogging, Bloggers Boot Camp, and a book about the most expensive timepiece ever made, Marie Antoinette’s Watch. As a lover of technology and a prolific writer, people ask me to speak at events about what I’ve seen and learned.We can just about guarantee that no where else will a person mention their expertise with Quake and Half Life gameplay, knowledge of object orientated programming, state that they own all of the O'Reillys (some in duplicate) and have the ability to write device drivers in their personals ad." Nerd NYC Looking to meet other gamers / nerds in the NYC area? "Nerd NYC, the area's premiere organization of gamers: We're a loose-knit band of gaming nerds.For the Nerd NYC founders wanted to bring the nerds of New York together to have some fun!Join five of New York City's most decorated wordsmiths and friends for a night of vocabaret exploring the past, present and future of language.We'll punch up your evening with word games, anagrams, etymological deep-dives and more She's about to saddle the hell up. From a one-eyed stage coach robber to the richest Indigenous woman in the world, get ready to caulk your wagon and pour out some whiskey to these ladies.

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What started off as a promising handheld rapidly descended into a sordid tale of corruption and grift that all played out in the public eye, drawing in the Department of Homeland Security, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a group of Swedish mafiosos.

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