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Dylan arrives in Hollyoaks village on 6 January 2015 when he tells a shocked Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell) that her father, Cameron Campbell (Cameron Moore), is his father.Cameron is confused when Dylan introduces himself, but Trevor corrects him and reveals himself to be Dylan's father.Shortly following, in late January, was the younger sister of Porsche (Twinnie Lee Moore) and Celine Mc Queen (Sarah George), Cleo (Nadine Rose Mulkerrin).In February, the "Lovedays", a small new family, were introduced, with Simone Loveday (Jacqueline Boatswain) appearing first, followed by the rest of her family - son Zack (Duayne Boachie) and husband Louis (Karl Collins).Discussing Kim's visions of Dylan, Fletcher said how they were "great fun": "That was great fun because I got to be scary - it's the closest I've ever got to filming anything with a horror genre.When I saw how they actually make that work when it comes to filming it, you soon find out that it's not scary at all!Fletcher hopes that story will have a positive impact and that viewers "will just be less judgemental about what people are wearing." He went to mention that Dylan has "nobody to talk to about" his cross-dressing.

The following is a list of characters that appeared in the serial in 2015, by order of first appearance.

In May 2015, it was announced that Fletcher had chosen to leave his role as Dylan at the end of his contract.

Dylan's final scenes were commented to be "a while off", with show bosses promising more drama in the build-up to his exit.

Val would also be seen offering support to her Trevor, to the dismay of Grace who becomes jealous over her presence.

It was also announced that Dylan would keep his cross-dressing secret from his mother.

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A casting call was made for the character on 24 September 2014, revealing the show wanted to cast a "young male actor" that was aged 16 and over to play a "15-year-old emo boy" in a regular role that did not require a specific accent.

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