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On planting the seed it is necessary to keep it moist, but not immersed in water, for the first two weeks of cultivation; it has been suggested that soaking the seeds in water before planting interferes with germination.which causes them to rot shortly after they germinate.

Seeds from botanical gardens or other cultivated sources are much cleaner and less likely to rot.The two foliage leaves grow continuously from a basal meristem reaching lengths up to 4 m (13 ft).The tips of the leaves split and fray into several well-separated strap-shaped sections by the distortions of the woody portions surrounding the apical slit, and also by wind and adventitious external injuries.Informal sources commonly refer to the plant as a "living fossil".Welwitschia is named after the Austrian botanist and doctor Friedrich Welwitsch, who was the first European to describe the plant, in 1859 in present-day Angola.

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Infrequently, wasps and bees also play a role as pollinators of Welwitschia.

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