Methods of validating questionnaire

Questions need be formulated in an unambiguous and straightforward manner and they should be presented in a logical order.Advantages of questionnaires include increased speed of data collection, low or no cost requirements, and higher levels of objectivity compared to many alternative methods of primary data collection.Handling nominal data usually includes identifying the percentage of responses per category.

For instance, responses that are related to customer service can be coded under the category “Customer Service”.

However, questionnaires have certain disadvantages such as selection of random answer choices by respondents without properly reading the question.

Moreover, there is usually no possibility for respondents to express their additional thoughts about the matter due to the absence of a relevant question.

Data coding simply means converting the nominal and ordinal scale data in such a way that the statistical package to be used can handle the survey data accurately.

This step is actually performed when you design the questionnaire, but the data codes become helpful during data analysis.

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The advantages of the computer questionnaires include their inexpensive price, time-efficiency, and respondents do not feel pressured, therefore can answer when they have time, giving more accurate answers.

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