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“I found that rather curious, especially since most of them were eligible and attractive,” Violet said.

“So, I decided to dig deeper.” She found the reason her colleagues weren’t dating was that they were too busy.

Two other products add another component to Lunch Actually.

Integration With Peerage Matchmaking offers access to a database of elite dating options across Southeast Asia, as well as the ability to send gifts. AI, a love advice app that uses machine learning, offers singles and couples dating and relationship advice. “We have more than 100 full-time associates and regional footprints in five countries in Asia.

Not only are the stakes lower for lunchtime meet-ups, but the encounters are more likely to fit into a professional’s busy schedule.

Since 2004, Violet’s lunchtime model has been immensely popular in Southeast Asia, and the service has arranged more than 125,000 dates.

At the Singapore Citi Bank where she worked, Violet Lim found that her co-workers simply weren’t dating.

Lunch Actually’s premium matchmaking service, which matches clients based on personality and sets up lunch dates, is the oldest and most popular option.The matchmaking service is popular in Southeast Asia and is already responsible for 125,000 lunch dates — with an 85% match rate — and many more to come.Lunch Actually’s typical singles are similar to the colleagues Violet worked with during her time at Citi Bank.So busy, in fact, that they would often joke that they didn’t even see daylight — as they arrived early and worked so late into the evening.“Because they were virtually married to the bank, it was hard for singles to even meet other potential singles — let alone be in a relationship,” said Violet.

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