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until your dial-up connection kicked you off, you could talk to your crush on MSN Messenger with only a monitor between you.Entire romances lived and died in those square boxes, some going all the way from a simple A/S/L intro to cybersex.You could show off your super-cool taste in music with lyrics in your signature and emoticons peppering your threads.Without the fear and trepidation of a face-to-face interaction, each day around 4 p.m.

Like an elementary classroom secret, this online world began to spread.

From gaming to homework, we all let our minds drift from time to time.

In this Mobalytics guide by Picklepants, we will provide you with a range of tips that can help you to focus on what you’re doing in-game.

In this way, chatrooms became learning tools for a world where there were far more options — a coup for IRL wallflowers — for how we speak to each other now.

They laid the foundation for online dating, texting and social networking, but with a layer of innocence.

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  2. According to a study by Rochester University, if you're relying on the "scientific matching" algorithms of the big, swaddled-in-romance dating sites, you're not doing yourself any favors.