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Please note that while we have tried to be as current as possible, laws are occasionally rewritten and/or amended; accordingly, the Louisiana adoption law provided below may have errors, omissions, or may not be the most current version. (2) "Birth certificate" means the child's official birth certificate or a true copy of a prefiled version of the birth certificate in the event the official birth certificate has not been issued. Please remember that this information should not be used as the basis for making any legal decision. (2.1) "Broker" means any person who, for compensation or the expectation of compensation, obtains or offers to obtain a child for adoption from a third party. Parents can also decide where their children will live and go to school and can choose what medical care their children will receive.If a young person under the age of majority is emancipated, the parent or guardian no longer has any say over the minor's life.Please use appropriate resources and an attorney's advice when making legal decisions. (3) "Child" means a person under seventeen years of age and not emancipated by marriage.

There are three types of adoption of minor children in Louisiana: (1) Agency adoption. If you are emancipated -- or are considering emancipation -- get educated about the law and how it will affect your daily life.We hope to help you learn more about the child adoption laws in the State of Lousiana. Definitions As used in this Title: (1) "Agency" or "child placing agency" includes the Department of Social Services, the corresponding department of any other state, and those private agencies and institutions licensed for the placement of children for adoption by the Department of Social Services or by the corresponding department of any other state. States set a minimum age for marriage and often require minors to get parental consent or court approval before getting married.For example, in order to get married in California, a minor must 1) be at least 14 years old, 2) be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and 3) appear before the court. Minors can become emancipated by enlisting in the United States Armed Forces.

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Some young people are physically or emotionally abused and want to get away from a bad home environment.

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