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21 Dec – After initial rumours of their relationship, actor Kenneth Ma has decided to explain the actual situation between him and co-star, Rebecca Zhu.According to Asianpopnews, Kenneth said, "After watching the finale of "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" that day, a group of us went for a supper. Adrian Chau was also in the car too and the tabloid cropped him out of the photo."The actor added, "Rebecca is a good girl, but I won't consider any relationship for now.However, after I met you, based on your personality, I wondered why you decided to run for Miss HK and not just directly enter the Artistes Training Class.M: When Triumph in the Skies was airing, I was still a flight attendant and back then I had a small crush on you.Work is my priority at the moment."Kenneth also jokingly said that if the rumours surfaced earlier, it could be used as publicity for their drama.Yesterday, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were guests for the 'Grand Sea, Land and Sky Parade in Celebration of 15th Anniversary of the HKSAR', and they also sang on the spot. A lot negative news in recent years..want to lessen them! On the other hand, Kenneth expressed that [he] will treat the ratings of new series "Three Kingdoms RPG" with a sense of normalcy...going against Olympics programmes, but no pressure.However, overall you are easy-going and don't have an attitude.

Kenneth is also not afraid of competing with Selena's rumoured boyfriend, Ruco Chan. ” Ben teased, “I am filming the drama with Jacqueline, but she invited Kenneth to watch a movie and not me!I am collaborating with her, but don’t even get a sandwich.Your not just limited to gentle and nice girls, but you can also be bitchy.There are many Fa Dans in TVB who have limitations because of their appearance and voice. Perhaps you don't have many scenes where you kiss the boy, so I tried the lighten up the atmosphere as best as I could.

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M: Well then, after collaborating with me in The Hippocratic Crush, what was most memorable for you? I joked and said it be best if you kissed me a few more times!

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