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With a classical approach we would not be able to simply add a window Id parameter to such links because if the user would open the link in a new browser window or tab, we would carry the window Id - and thus the window scope - over to the new browser tab/window.The classic solution was to omit the window Id for all GET links, but by doing this we would now loose the window scope far too often with JSF-2!Always appends the window Id to all, from JSF generated, URLs.On the first GET request without a window Id, it will generate a new window Id and redirect, with the window Id in the URL, to the same view again.Marios summary also contains a method to prevent this problem by storing a value directly in the browser window via Java Script.Usually this is rendered and executed in the same page as the user form.

The onclick handler appends a request token to the URL and creates a cookie for the request token.The current window Id will be stored in the Any window or browser tab detection will be disabled for the current request.Scopes like @Window Scoped, @Grouped Conversation Scoped or @View Access Scoped will not work.However, sometimes you need beans with a lifetime which is as long as needed and as short as possible - which are terminated automatically (as soon as possible). The simple rule is, as long as the bean is referenced by a page - the bean will be available for the next page (if it is used again the bean will be forwarded again).It is important that it is based on the view-id of a page (it is not based on the request) so, for example, Ajax requests do not trigger a cleanup if the request does not access all view-access scoped beans of the page.

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That’s also the reason for the name @ window handling, which ensures a clean browser-tab separation without touching the old window Id.

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