Journal articles on teen dating violence

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Actually making a plan can be one of the catalysts that actually causes the teen to take a violent step.

Accessibility of the means to carry out violence is another cause of teen violence.

The actions used to exert power include, but are not limited to, physical and sexual violence, emotional and psychological abuse, coercion, isolation, name-calling, threats, jealousy, and manipulation. Adolescent dating violence: A multi-systemic approach of enhancing awareness in educators, parents, and society. In 2011, 18 year-old Ashley Astley was stabbed and strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend at his home. These tragedies represent only two of the many cases of teen dating violence that ultimately have ended in loss of life. "I haven’t done nothin’ crazy lately": Reducing violence in adolescent mothers’ dating relationships. Utter, J., Scragg, R., Robinson, E., Warbrick, J., Faeamani, G., Foroughian, S., Dewes, O., Moodie, M., & Swinburn, B. Evaluation of the living 4 life project: A youth-led, school-based obesity prevention study. Teen dating violence can be prevented, especially when there is a focus on reducing risk factors as well as fostering protective factors, and when teens are empowered through family, friends, and others (including role models such as teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth group leaders) to lead healthy lives and establish healthy relationships.It is important to create spaces, such as school communities, where the behavioral norms are not tolerant of abuse in dating relationships.

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