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F After Jamal moves into a smaller, uncomfortable apartment with Michael, Jamal is suffering from writer's block with his music, and Cookie convinces him to break through that obstacle.

Hakeem, meanwhile, seeks advice from Jamal when he has an issue with Tiana.

Lucious puts Jamal in a trash can until Cookie stops him. Jamal helps Hakeem with his music after struggling to record songs that Lucious wrote for him, but when Lucious doesn't acknowledge him for it, Jamal decides to accept Cookie's plan to manage him and make him a star.

His song describes his estranged relationship with Lucious, feeling distant and that he tries to live up to his standards. While Jamal decides to hire Cookie as his manager, Cookie convinces him to perform his latest song at Laviticus, the location where Hakeem is slated to perform.

This flashback continues once Jamal performs Good Enough to an audience. Jamal and Hakeem discuss Cookie and Lucious, where Jamal denies that if Cookie manages him while Lucious manages Hakeem, there will be conflict between them.

Jamal is introduced playing piano while performing Live In The Moment, alongside his brother, Hakeem.

Lucious announces that both Jamal and Hakeem will be releasing albums this year.

Meanwhile, as Jamal experiences his writer's block, he walks around his new neighborhood as a song vaguely enters his head, intimating the idea of Keep Your Money.

Jamal escorts Cookie to a recording studio in the ghetto, titled Ghetto Ass Records, where he could only afford it for one day to record and release a new single.

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