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There was a security checkpoint and a large blast door that we had to pass through to reach the labs. However, the things that people left here weren’t neatly placed where they should have been. There were all kinds of rooms with all kinds of equipment that I didn’t understand.Occasionally, there were more empty bullet casings on the ground.“And it looks like it has been closed for some time,” I added after taking a closer look at the doors. Alex took his samples and readings, but we were too puzzled to leave just yet.“Do you think we can get in? Even if it wasn’t welded sealed, I’m sure we have no way of unlocking it.” Alex replied while examining the massive door.“It looks like an underground bunker.They must have had a way to pump air inside and I don’t think this is it. We circled the main entrance to try find other means of entry. What’s so important inside that they went this far to keep people away? Behind the door, there was a small platform and a tight vertical tunnel with a ladder.As I said, everywhere it was a mess, but I found a logbook on the desk.There was only a handful of pages, the rest torn out.5.It was nice, but I would probably just bore you with more details. We were driving on some dirt roads in a forest east of Pripyat when we found it.An old, rusty fence and a chained gate that blocked any further passage.

There are no ghosts, mutants or radioactive anomalies and death isn’t waiting for you at every corner.

The day was already coming to an end and it was slowly getting darker. “Look, there’s something there,” Alex pulled me away from my thoughts. What caught my attention was that there was an identical locking mechanism on the inside.

It was a concrete block a couple of meters large with what looked like vents on the sides. At first, the wheel wouldn’t turn because of all the rust and dirt, but eventually it budged. That meant that they could lock the door from both sides. We were lucky, because if they had locked it from the inside too, there would be no way to get in.

October 1984: Today we successfully managed to translocate several atoms without changes in any physical properties.

It’s going to be a long road until we can transport solid objects, but we’re going some good work here.17.

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