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In my 20s, I got a lot of ' Oh, you'll change your mind' from friends and even my ob/gyn.I'm finally at an age where people respect my decision, but there are some downsides.But I don't want my worth as a woman to hinge on my choice to have or not have children.Luckily, my support system including my husband, parents, and extended family have been respectful of my choice.Here, they discuss how being childfree affects their lives, from dating to nosy strangers to reclaiming their sense of purpose."After my doctors told me it would be difficult to have kids due to a medical condition, I got used to the idea of it.The luxury of not having children has allowed me to always be on the go, and I can't imagine it any other way.I always assumed I'd have children, and that little girl would have only reinforced that idea.But I've recently realized having children is a choice, not something that will inevitably happen to me without my say.

I spent several years looking for a doctor who would sterilize me, but no one would do it unless I was married and had two kids.She often jokes that when I change my mind in my mid-40s, she’ll go to the fertility clinic with me or help me with adoption.I’ve also met many ob/gyns who refuse to tie my tubes.Luckily, I'm married to a woman, so it's not an issue anymore. People always expect me to love kids because I love doing things children enjoy like going to the petting zoo and doing silly craft projects.But you don't have to have a toddler to go to the science center, I promise you.

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