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This fee is used to subjugate and exploit the workers, forcing them to tolerate and endure intolerable situations.

According to Park, most of the targeted communities are agrarian, and people typically learn about job opportunities from neighbors and members of their communities.

A Florida federal jury found Tyrone Townsend guilty of sex trafficking in February 2011.

Among the evidence collected by investigators were 28 Internet ads and a Garmin GPS seized from Townsend’s vehicle.

Sex traffickers also may face charges under other federal statutes applicable to sex trafficking, such as 18 U. For example, under federal law, a 16-year-old engaged in commercial sex acts is a trafficking victim, regardless of whether the minor appears to have participated willingly in said acts, because the law presumes that an underage victim cannot provide legal consent.

§1591, which makes it illegal to recruit, entice, provide, harbor, maintain, or transport a person or to benefit from involvement in causing the person to engage in a commercial sex act, knowing that force, fraud, or coercion was used or that the person was under the age of 18. § 2423(a), prohibiting transportation of a minor with intent that the individual engage in criminal sexual activity. While most states have recognized and criminalized sex trafficking, The above laws address the criminalization of a trafficker’s conduct, but a trafficked victim can potentially face criminal charges, depending on whether the applicable law offers the victim protection.

Federal laws addressing human trafficking apply across the country; state laws addressing trafficking also exist, but vary in terms of definitions, penalties, and enforcement priorities.

§§1589-1590 make it illegal to knowingly provide or obtain the labor of a person by certain means, such as force or threats of force, or to traffic a person for labor or services by means of force, coercion, or fraud for the purpose of subjecting the person to slavery, involuntary servitude, debt bondage, or peonage.

Although easier to track than labor trafficking, determining instances of sex trafficking online poses its own complications.

Using the GPS, investigators were able to establish locations of several customers in the Jacksonville area. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, “aside from underground and quasi-underground chat rooms.” Describing the challenges of reviewing online classified ads in search of trafficking activity, the office added: “It’s not easy to quantify or to identify someone who is using code words.

While Craigslist was the most frequently referenced website in the cases reviewed, the “Adult Services” section of the site has since closed. You would have to weed through, in theory, a hundred ads before you get the one.” The task of manually sorting through myriad advertisements is a strain on often-limited law-enforcement resources.

Newspapers in languages targeting a monolithic group (e.g., Thai newspapers) also may advertise positions that turn out to be labor trafficking, particularly in light of the fact that many of the employment agencies involved in trafficking are otherwise legitimate and likely advertise. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta offered a similar assessment of technology in the context of labor trafficking, noting that labor traffickers do not use much technology and that such uses tend to be limited to pay-as-you-go cellphones.

In the event that these community newspapers move online, there may be an opportunity to evaluate how online classifieds may be used for labor trafficking. However, as rural communities gain access to the Internet, there will be a need to study the benefits of online technologies as well as their potential use as tools of manipulation, depicting a false reality designed to lure persons away from their homes and into forced labor.

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