Hobbit rrd error updating

When the configure script asks Server side client configuration, or client side [server] ?

The Shire Project (Xymonton) Shire Project is specific to Xymon(Better than Deadcat) A. Also make sure hobbit has read access to the files. I have added LOG /path/to/my/logfile WARNING COLOR=yellow to but still nothing happens. This tells the client to send the log file to the server because Hobbit messages protocol is bi-directional, not just hobbit client sending message to server.

z/VM systems, I would be interested in converting to the new Hobbit code.

In the default mode, you cannot use the Hobbit client to report to a Big Brother system.

Hobbit is a FOSS project by hobbit developers who contribute to the project in their spare time.

If you are chasing a specific bug fix or feature not currently available within the existing production release, please search the archive and/or post a query to the general discussion mailing list to see if there is a solution available.

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