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And it's always a bad idea to post an offer for for sex to the crowd of fakes and freaks who have overrun Craigslist, as Weber is reported to have done.Meeting via Craigslist ups your odds of hooking up with, say, a mentally unstable teenage "satanist" with a My Space page packed with pictures of him with knives and swords.(People seeking relationships can find love the old-fashioned way, at work or by going out, and many do.And the ones who go online stop lurking online after they've met someone and appeared in an e Harmony commercial.But when it comes to realizing a fantasy that involves violence or helplessness, someone safe, sane and expensive is more than worth the investment.

Download Dan's Savage Lovecast (his weekly podcast) Tuesday at thestranger.com/savage.

Insist on a verifiable exchange of real names and real phone numbers before meeting; meet in person first, in a public place, preferably at a time when you can't mess around immediately after your first meeting.

And people seeking the services of a pro should go to one of the dozen or more established websites out there that host ads from pros along with client reviews.

NSAers, on the other hand, have better odds finding other NSAers online, and they're always coming back for more.) If random internet hookups were even half as dangerous as crimes like this make them seem---if they were even one-one-hundredth as dangerous---there would be a dozen online-hookup murders in New York City every day, and scores more in Toronto and San Francisco and Miami and Vancouver and Chicago.

No one should be cavalier about safety when it comes to internet hookups, of course; people seeking NSA or fantasy-fulfillment sex online need to use common sense and take all reasonable precautions.

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You might be able to extract a promise from him under duress, WTFIWWMTD, and get him to agree to sexual exclusivity as a condition of going ahead with the marriage.

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