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Whether your product is a free to play service or a single player narrative, updates can grow your user base and deepen engagement.

For general information about communicating with customers, see our Moderation Best Practices documentation and watch Robin Walker’s full presentation from Steam Dev Days.

But you also want to be thinking about longer-term content updates that keep your players engaged and coming back to play.

Whether your update is big or small, each one is a form of communication with players, demonstrating that you are listening to player feedback and you care about improving the player experience.

All of these elements are feasible for any product, regardless of the genre or the team size.

Once you've uploaded and tested your build, you're ready to make it live for players.

This also demonstrates to customers that you are listening and working to address the issues that are being identified.

Iterating and updating your product is essential, but your communication around the update can make a big difference.

Updating and patching your game is one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

If you hear about customers experiencing issues with your game, there is no better response than to fix the issue as quickly as possible (if reasonable).

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We have found that for our own games it works best to release major updates every 1-2 months at most.

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