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The willing suspension of disbelief has never been stronger.

A number of creepypastas are frequently cited as “The Scariest Creepypastas EVER” — but often, they're just the same 10 or so tales listed over and over and over again.

A photograph of some school children from the turn of the century, for example, whose images are all blurred — a detail no one noticed until they all perished in a fire.

Or a photograph of a Civil War soldier with some damage inflicted upon it — damage which mirrors the injuries he suffered in the war.

She bought it, along with a pack of 96 crayons, and went to work.

A lot of pastas use the “found object” form — stories that were allegedly found in abandoned notebooks or on mysterious hard drives and so on and so forth.If you've read only one video game creepypasta, it's the infamous Legend of Zelda–inspired saga “Ben DROWNED.” If you've read only two video game creepypastas, you can usually add “The Princess” to the list.Sometimes referred to by the last line of its first installment — “If you see her, turn off the game”— this one hits all the same nostalgia buttons as “Ben DROWNED”; it's not quite as immersive as that one, but it's still worth a look.Or a photograph of a girl at the last moment before she fell prey to a series of auditory hallucinations that would plague her for the rest of her life.What if someone decided to take all those images and turn them into a book?

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