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Their 'will they, won't they' story will suck you in.RELATED: Celebrating Thirty Years of On the surface, Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is the picture of success: she graduated from Harvard Law, and just made partner in her New York law firm.The turbulent dating lives of Marissa, Seth, Summer, Ryan and various attractive tertiary players are the perfect antidote for when you’re stuck somewhere on the East Coast feeling cold and distinctly unglamorous.This excellent HBO series follows the dating and professional lives of best friends Issa and Molly.RELATED: Vampire Romance Books with Serious Bite When author Jimmy and publicist Gretchen meet at the wedding of Jimmy’s ex, their mutual disgust with the married couple leads them to spend a surprisingly great night together.Both of them are cynical, selfish, and ostensibly disinterested in any sort of monogamous or mutually loving relationship with another human.That representation might not have always been positive (the series’ depiction of trans men is particularly horrible), but it was still revolutionary.

Jess and Nick have ridiculous chemistry—they made our list of top TV kisses for a reason!

As the two fall in and out and in love again with men in the L. dating scene, their friendship will sustain them throughout.

debuted in 2004, it gave women-loving-women an unprecedented opportunity to see themselves represented on screen.

As Dylan and his best friend Evie try to ignore their increasingly intense feelings for each other, you'll become increasingly enamored with In the small North Carolina town of One Tree Hill, half-brothers Lucas and Nathan must put aside the grudges they’ve inherited from their parents when the two talented teens are put on the same basketball team.

The series follows Lucas and Nathan's tumultuous friendships and romantic relationships from high school through adulthood.

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