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Of course, good communication between you and your partner is critical.Without it, unexpected conflicts and miscommunication are more likely to occur.After all, the more constructive advice the better, right?While you probably know that communication is key in a relationship, romantic and otherwise, do you communicate as often as possible when conflicts come up with your partner?

One way to minimize cost and maximize the use of the lawyers time is for family members to work with counselors and divorce coaches to work through the emotional stages of divorce.However, there are many additional components that can help keep you and your significant other together, too.With a little know-how, there are several ways to keep your relationship healthy.If the parties have a settlement agreement that is signed by both parties and resolves all issues relating to their marriage and they agree that is to be incorporated into a court order, then there is nothing further for the court to decide (other than a change in marital status from married to divorced).Yes, however once litigation has commenced, there may be court deadlines that one cannot avoid/control.

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Cases that are not legally complex or emotionally complex can readily be resolved by reasonable attorneys or in mediation.

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