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Then Title Id of editing row is retrieved from the Grid View and passed to Bind Details View method to show Author’s detail in the Details View Mode Changing event of Details View control is fires before its mode is changed. New Mode is passed to Change Mode method of Details View to change its mode from Read Only to Edit.Title ID is retrieved from Grid View selected or editing row and passed to Bind Details View to populate Details View with editing data.i appreciate ur help thanks Oh i am unable to fetch that event that u say wen i change teh dropdownlist because that dropdownlist is inside the detailsview and i cant fire that event and capture the id,my motive was also to fetch the id at selectedindexchanged event of that dropdownlist and then passing it as request.querysting thru javascript u help me firing event inside detailsview somehow. i mean just setting var id = document.getelementbyid("d Hi PHD, I have found the solution but partially difft responses of urs match altogether the solution of my problem.thanks a lot " Allow Paging="True" Allow Sorting="True" Back Color="Silver" Page Size="5" Width="835px" Border Color="Black" Border Style="Solid" Border Width="1px" Fore Color="#404040" Data Source ID="src Grid" On Selected Index Changed="gr and code behind is using System; using System. Thanks a lot for being helpful.i have solved this using: simple javascript function and capturing the selected value of dropdwolist using function New Window Html() This is then fetched into popup or child is how you can access the variable inside a detials view dim index as integer = ctype(dv. So can i write something as event in dropdownlist which can fetch me selectedindex of dropdownlist without using server side event selectedindexchanged.Find Control("cmb Sed Index You may need to alter this code to make sure that the cmb Some Dropdown is null before trying to reference the Selected Index if you need to get the value before the form is submitted, then you will need to use javascript If this doesnt work for you then let me know hi rodmjay, Thanks for the response.actually i am trying to capture the id of item in dropdownlist on click of button but before postbacking,i m opening a popup window on click of the button through javascript code..have to pass this templateid onto that page,but this is done in insertitemtemplate and edititemtemplate of detailsview. Thanks,please help i hope this explains I think you have to know that id of the control at design time is not the same as at runtime.Here you will find everything you were looking for and even more japanese online sex dating site, best anonym sexchat, free sex chat im, free sex no sign up, sex chat with amazing indian girls online free, free sex teen chat, tamil adult chat rooms....

//ASPX //code behind c# using System; using System.

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Nnow explainig wat i want to achieve, I have a dropdownlist having some items in i open insert mode detailsview,i select an item in dropdownlist and i have to fetch that items id somehow before i submit data or a postback happens,, so that can be pased thru javascript onto another wiondow that i m opening on click event of a button. Thanks then in the page load you can register this script : protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) this script open w new window passing the value of the selected item of dropdownlist. If this page is an aspx one you can do that with Request. so the javascirpt function getlementbyid does not work if you give the id of the cotnrol at design time. Client ID this give you the id of the control when html will rendered.

Query String["index HI PHD, t HANKS A lot fr teh response,i m not very gud at javascript, had a question,will this dropdownlist1 inside detailsview work in pageload as it gets bound only wen detailsview comes into picture or shud i use this whole code at event where i m binding detailsview? I think you have to adapt your script that you regsiter. sorry but I do my best but I don't understand what you try to do. But you want to catch the value of the dropdownlist when opening window in the javascript function you just need to do it with the getelementbyid function yes this is wat i m trying to do now,however i was just wondering how can i use one variable that i fetch in javascript function in my code behind page?

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