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Board of, Registration of Architects HB 2236 - Athletic Commission, W.State Administrative Rules of the WV State Athletic Commission HB 2237 - Athletic Commission, W.Board of Examiners in Marriage and Family Therapist License Renewal and Continuing Professional Education Requir HB 2248 - Dangerous Wild Animals, W.Board of Dangerous Wild Animals HB 2249 - Dentistry, W.Board of Operation of Barber, Beauty, Nail and Aesthetic Shops/Salons, and Schools of Barbering HB 2242 - Barbers and Cosmetologists, W.Board of Schedule of Fees HB 2243 - Barbers and Cosmetologists, the cutoff time for selling liquor in retail establishments and private clubs HB 2979 - Creating a resort license for the sale of alcoholic liquors and nonintoxicating beers HB 3002 - Relating to special licenses for the retail sale of wine at festivals or fairs HB 3074 - Increasing the volume of alcohol that nonintoxicating beer and nonintoxicating craft beer may contain HB 2029 - Permitting counties to adopt certain ordinances relating to dogs and cats HB 2177 - Exempting all veterans of the Armed Forces or any reserve component thereof from having to obtain a hunting, trapping fishing lice HB 2499 - Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Commerce, Workforce West Virginia – Workforce Investment Act HB 2500 - Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services HB 2501 - Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education, State Board of Education – School Lunch Program HB 2639 - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel HB 2640 - Supplementary appropriation to DHHR HB 2733 - Requiring a detailed explanation of any appropriation designated as “Other assets” in the Governor’s proposed budget expenditures HB 2740 - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Administration HB 2779 - Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items of the existing appropriations from the State Road Fund to the Departmen HB 2785 - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Fire Commission HB 2801 - Expiring funds to the unappropriated balance in the State Fund from the Department of Revenue, Office of the Secretary – Revenue S HB 2805 - Finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state HB 2908 - Making appropriations of public money out of the Treasury in accordance with section fifty-one, article VI of the Constitution HB 3103 - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources HB 2045 - Giving the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate and penalize self-insured employers HB 2166 - Requiring county boards of education to employ a certified library media specialist in each county school HB 2187 - Establishing an advisory council on rare diseases HB 2310 - Requiring regional airport authority board members to include persons of area expertise HB 2502 - Relating to reciprocity of occupational licenses with other states HB 2503 - Relating to the rulemaking authority for Board of Osteopathic Medicine HB 2509 - Relating to the practice of telemedicine HB 2518 - Creating a legislative rule to permit a pharmacist or pharmacy intern to administer certain immunizations HB 2522 - Nurse licensure compact HB 2524 - Improving the focus on school-level continuous improvement processes HB 2525 - Relieving the county superintendent of schools of the duty of nominating personnel to be employed by the county board HB 2538 - Relating to the licensure of physician assistants HB 2540 - Permitting a person to practice certain professions for limited time for a charitable function HB 2624 - Relating generally to certification and qualifications of sanitarians HB 2646 - Terminating the Women’s Commission and discontinue its functions HB 2667 - Relating to accreditation of nursing schools HB 2680 - Terminating the West Virginia Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board HB 2681 - Terminating the West Virginia Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners HB 2690 - Terminating the West Virginia Board of Registration of Foresters while preserving essential protections against misrepresentation HB 2692 - Allowing licensed professionals to donate time to the care of indigent and needy HB 2725 - Restricting the authority of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to regulate the use of commonly available, retail beauty prod HB 2737 - Eliminating certain fees generated by suggestee executions HB 2792 - Requiring the Library Commission to survey the libraries of the state HB 2833 - Specifying the contents and categories of information for inclusion in annual reports HB 2840 - Reorganizing the departments, agencies and commissions within the executive branch of state government HB 2841 - Requiring board members to have attended a board meeting in order to be compensated for the meeting HB 2846 - Including high school students participating in a competency based pharmacy technician education and training program as persons q HB 2853 - Relating to more equitable disbursement of funds to county boards HB 2866 - Relating to social determinants of health HB 2883 - The Freedom to Prosper Act HB 2935 - Relating to state flood protection planning HB 2984 - Occupational Board Reform Act HB 3022 - Relating to the reporting of fraud, misappropriation of moneys, and other violations of law to the commission on special investiga HB 3032 - Relating to the practice of acupuncture HB 3041 - Relating to the classification plans for employees in the classified and classified-exempt service HB 3072 - Relating to ending transfers to the Licensed Racetrack Modernization Fund HB 2037 - Relating to juvenile proceedings HB 2051 - Authorizing insurance to married workers without children at reduced rates under the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Act HB 2072 - Relating to qualifying children of state employees, receiving income of ,000 per year or less, for the West Virginia Children's HB 2083 - Increasing the felony criminal penalties for exposing children to methamphetamine manufacturing HB 2088 - Establishing a bill of rights for children in foster care HB 2089 - Establishing a bill of rights for foster parents HB 2115 - Prohibiting sexual offenders from residing within one thousand feet of a school or childcare facility HB 2468 - Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent of both parents HB 2476 - Requiring each judicial circuit to have a court-appointed special advocate program and each county to have a special advocate for HB 2030 - Eliminating the requirement that proceedings against the State, a state agency or state officer be brought and prosecuted in the c HB 2791 - Creating the Debt Resolution Services Division HB 2851 - Updating fee structure provisions for broker-dealers HB 2956 - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Adult Drug Court Participation Fund HB 3004 - Relating to filling vacancies in offices of state officials, United States Senators, Justices, judges, and magistrates HB 3062 - The state Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act HB 2058 - Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings HB 2121 - West Virginia Residential Furniture and Children's Products Flame Retardants Act HB 2146 - Allowing a home improvement transaction to be performed under an oral contract HB 2327 - Protecting consumers from surprise bills by health care providers HB 2371 - Relating to consumer protection of new manufactured home warranties HB 2464 - Relating to disclaimers and exclusions of warranties in consumer transactions for goods HB 2578 - Relating to disclaimers of warranties with respect to goods which are the subject of or are intended to become the subject of a co HB 2672 - Eliminating conflicting provisions within current code relating to the application of payments and the assessment of delinquency f HB 2768 - Modifying the penalties imposed on debt collectors who violate the provisions of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection HB 2794 - Relating to the means of giving notice to a debt collector of a consumer’s representation by legal counsel HB 2907 - Relating to real property option to purchase contracts executed with lease agreements HB 2984 - Occupational Board Reform Act HB 3084 - Repealing the article of the code related to unfair trade practices HB 2767 - Authorizing the Secretary of State to transmit electronic versions of undeliverable mail to the circuit clerks HB 2864 - Waiving certain business start-up and occupational licensing fees for low-income individuals HB 2023 - Changing the way that the costs of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected HB 2038 - Changing the way the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected HB 2086 - Allowing the Executive Director of the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority to establish a work program HB 2206 - Work/Incarceration Prison pilot program HB 2391 - Establishing an arborists program for inmates HB 2454 - Making the Department of Corrections and the Division of Health, and their respective workplaces, subject to the Occupational Safe HB 2461 - Relating to the excise tax on the privilege of transferring real property and using the tax to reimburse counties for regional jai HB 2466 - Changing the way that the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected HB 2480 - Changing the way counties pay for regional jail inmates HB 2483 - Requiring the Division of Juvenile Services to transfer to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody th HB 2558 - Transferring to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody that has been transferred to adult jurisdicti HB 2727 - Providing an identification card for released inmates who do not have a West Virginia identification card or driver’s license HB 2845 - Establishing that the Division of Corrections is responsible for the costs of housing and maintaining an inmate the day following HB 2891 - Including electronic communications to and from inmates with the types of communications that the Division of Corrections currentl HB 2938 - Relating to deduction from jail sentence for litter cleanup HB 2947 - Relating to salary increase for Regional Jail Authority employees HB 2987 - Making PROMISE Scholarship funds available for use at community and technical colleges HB 3018 - Adding definition of correctional employee to the list of persons against whom an assault is a felony HB 2010 - Requiring authorization from the Legislature before submitting an application for an MS-4 permit to the United States Environmenta HB 2034 - Relating to county budget stabilization funds HB 2095 - Relating to the rule-making authority of local boards of health HB 2168 - Prohibiting counties and municipalities from adopting ordinances or regulations that base restrictions on the breed of a dog HB 2202 - Requiring the Human Rights Commission, when investigating a complaint of discrimination, to specifically include an examination of HB 2208 - Authorizing counties and municipalities to establish a joint airport hazard comprehensive plan HB 2216 - Making individuals responsible for the costs relating to the filing of excessive false complaints HB 2444 - Requiring county commissions to maintain websites with specific information HB 2577 - Prohibiting counties from regulating the sale and use of consumer fireworks within their boundaries HB 2627 - Requiring that open hunting season for big game begin on a Saturday HB 2638 - Relating to county commissions authorizing reasonable fees charged for fire department or fire company response HB 2654 - Expanding county commissions’ ability to dispose of county or district property HB 2679 - Relating to the possession of firearms in parks and park facilities HB 2746 - Requiring county commissions to maintain websites with specific information HB 2859 - Relating generally to tax increment financing districts HB 2884 - Requiring funding by the West Virginia Library Commission to local libraries be based on the population served by each respective HB 2916 - Authorizing certain first responders to carry firearms HB 2939 - Relating to the sale of items in the State Police Academy post exchange to the public HB 2970 - Relating generally to additional county excise taxes on the privilege of transferring real property HB 2971 - Granting the State Auditor the authority to audit the books and records of local economic development authorities HB 3025 - Authorizing by ordinance a vacant building registration program HB 2368 - Relating to candidates for professional employee positions involving supervision of a county transportation department HB 2903 - Limiting the maximum number of appointees to certain county and municipal bodies HB 2098 - Requiring the issuance of a search warrant before a driver of a motor vehicle can be made to submit to a secondary blood test HB 2181 - Creating an additional magistrate court deputy clerk position for Marion County HB 2411 - Relating to Public Defender Services HB 2456 - Requiring the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to maintain a searchable, criminal database containing copies of all arrests HB 2476 - Requiring each judicial circuit to have a court-appointed special advocate program and each county to have a special advocate for HB 2486 - Providing that when a party's health condition is at issue in a civil action, medical records and releases for medical information HB 2598 - Requiring that senior status circuit judges only fill vacancies in districts or counties in which they were not previously elected HB 2607 - Extending the maximum period of confinement a judge may impose for certain, first-time probationary violations HB 2629 - Permitting a corporation to be represented by an officer of that corporation HB 2655 - Defining and establishing the crime of cyberbullying HB 2684 - Imposing penalties for repeat violations of the prohibition against driving under the influence on a suspended license HB 2685 - Requiring that information regarding case delays in the courts is to be provided to the public on a regular basis HB 2731 - Clarifying civil actions heard in circuit court HB 2732 - Relating to standards for termination of parental rights in child abuse and neglect cases HB 2737 - Eliminating certain fees generated by suggestee executions HB 2747 - Updating the commitment order form sentencing courts are required to complete HB 2758 - Amending the definition of “abused child” to include a child conceived as a result of an act of sexual assault HB 2765 - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Court Advanced Technology Subscription Fund HB 2766 - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Adult Drug Court Participation Fund HB 2769 - Relating to the preservation of rights guaranteed by the West Virginia Constitution and the United States Constitution when decidi HB 2850 - Relating to product liability actions HB 2891 - Including electronic communications to and from inmates with the types of communications that the Division of Corrections currentl HB 2922 - Reducing the cost of the fee for a state license to carry a concealed weapon HB 2944 - Requiring the Insurance Commissioner to regulate professional bondsmen HB 2956 - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Adult Drug Court Participation Fund HB 2966 - Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission HB 3040 - Creating a new court to be known as West Virginia Intermediate Court of Appeals HB 3096 - Relating to operation and regulation of certain water and sewer utilities owned or operated by political subdivisions of the state HB 2003 - Creating a new felony offense for a drug delivery that results in the death of another person HB 2021 - Relating to penalties incurred from obstructing, fleeing from and making false statements to law-enforcement HB 2092 - Creating an additional penalty for use of a firearm in furtherance of a drug offense HB 2099 - Defining the act of leaving the scene of a crash involving death or serious bodily injury as a felony; Erin's Law HB 2106 - Creating a domestic violence registry HB 2134 - Relating generally to workers’ compensation HB 2137 - Making it a misdemeanor for a person to impersonate a veteran HB 2154 - Relating to sanctions for recipients of benefits from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program HB 2186 - Relating generally to human trafficking HB 2306 - Establishing new procedures for courts with criminal jurisdiction to suspend and revoke driver’s licenses based on D.In order to give your profile every chance of success, it is visible to over-50s members of our general dating services using the same platform.

Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services Fund HB 3066 - Redirecting certain racing and gaming revenues HB 2049 - Providing for career development and establishing a pay scale for Alcohol Beverage Commission inspectors, enforcement agents and s HB 2129 - Relating to the powers and authority of state and local law enforcement to enforce underage drinking laws at private clubs HB 2096 - Exempting commercial airlines from obtaining licenses to serve liquor, beer or wine on flights HB 2350 - Deleting the language that remitted a portion of the alcoholic beverage tax to municipalities HB 2425 - Authorizing licensees authorized to sell growlers of nonintoxicating beer to offer complimentary samples HB 2433 - Authorizing operators of a distillery or mini-distillery to offer for purchase and consumption liquor on the premises HB 2448 - Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the state HB 2517 - Requiring licensees authorized to serve alcoholic liquors or nonintoxicating beer to have certain liability insurance coverage HB 2533 - Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the state HB 2563 - Relating to complimentary samples of nonintoxicating beer or nonintoxicating craft beer HB 2565 - Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the state HB 2820 - Abolishing the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner HB 2842 - Authorizing a temporary foreign brewers import license HB 2888 - Removing the restriction on liquor licensees from having speakers outside or playing music outdoors HB 2894 - Relating to the collection of taxes on wine and intoxicating liquors HB 2954 - Establishing 1 a.m.

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