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Hartford herald (Hartford, Ky.): January 7, 1880 Hartford herald (Hartford, Ky.) Jno. No corrections have been made to the OCR-ed text and no editing has be en done to the content of the original document.

HARDWARE CUTLERY AND GUNS, 280 West Main Street, between 7th and 8th.

Court begin kocuud Monday, ill May mid November, and continues tlirvo weeks each term.

Kmm lji-- t to West, trim North mid Horttll, Kroiu lands lieyund the water, yisi lots of news Ho weekly From every nook nd iunrter; on earth tolls more than ho So slavt Thmltuti summer's neat una winter, How i'iiii von for it moment, then, N'l'Klei't to pay the printer? the beautiful ritual of the Methodist worst has not yet licen said of it, aud SCATHE GEEAT CLEARING SAIi E OF DKALKlt S IX Kutkersou, Corulvo.

To wear And put this iiuery to yoiirwlf: Hiiveyou paid the ilntcr?

luteii reader, to fully understand and judge of tho winter.

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- LOUISVILLE, ineui is pnin, tit trrfwiir ih tailor and the noemnker, iid i,i itn..,.i II net their pay, then why nenlert To M-ttlwith the printer? o 111 gallant lad add hoiiuie litssie eetneil licrfectly happy, lierhai M witli the tliouglit that it will be our turn next, And the happy bride anil grtiom well, nappy linnlly expresses it secinetl lost to all else than each other, while wor shiping together at Hymen's holy shrine.

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