Dating women with emotional problems

These are especially detrimental to a relationship as they create additional strain and negativity between the couple.

Fight the urge to become overly angered or emotional during disagreements because temper tantrums only increase your problems since they are likely to offend your partner.

The conman showed the women photographs of at least eight luxury cars he supposedly owned – including Maseratis and Porsches – but he in fact had no permanent home and the only vehicle he owned was a 2003 VW Golf.

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Dependency is a sign of emotional immaturity as well as a sign that the dependent partner lacks confidence in his ability to complete even the smallest tasks without the other person's presence.

Dependency can cause a lot of strain on a relationship, and the person on the receiving end may feel very suffocated or smothered.

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People may be self-involved whether they are in a relationship or not.

Sometimes partners become overly dependent on each other.

This could be due to a lack of other relationships or it could be a sign of irrational fears, such as the fear of being alone.

Temper tantrums are an indicator of emotional immaturity.

Mature individuals are able to control emotions without creating a scene or being overly dramatic.

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