Dating vs arranged marriage

However, there’s a huge conflict that closely follows any love marriage – family and caste honor.Despite the fact that we’re living in the 21st century, India is still familiar with honor killings, in which cases a boy or a girl can get killed for opposing a match made by an arranged marriage.However, if you have approved of the marriage, then wait for the adventure to begin.There will be the big fat wedding ceremony where you will be wedded to your mate.Well, both the types of marriages have their advantages and disadvantages.The decision is completely yours, decide on which part you want to explore?Nonetheless, love marriages are currently on the rise in India, especially in urban areas and metropolitan cities in the country.

Marriage is considered to be the most sacred relation of one’s life.

Although love marriages are now a thing in India, there are still quite a few obstacles in its way (aside from the obvious life-threatening one).

Inter-caste and inter-religion marriages are frowned upon by the society, while family honor is still something much bigger than true love.

While some people believe in free will and choice, others are quite comfortable with being set up for a “till death do us part” by their family.

When it comes to India, these two concepts are very, very different, yet both of them consist of good and bad parts.

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