Dating u s pilots knife

So, the gadget men back in the UK simply reversed the screw thread and kept the compass hidden for another long period...

North was pointed to by the red dot on the compass rose; just visible through the glass face of this sample.

The K Type dinghy was used in fighter aircraft or by observers in those RAF aircraft where the large multiple crew round dinghy was not practical.

To get into it, the crewman would grip the handles at the narrower end and haul himself in - trying to get in over the side would simply capsize the dinghy.

The blade is holed to make it lighter and the tip is round and blunt so you cannot stab the inflatable dinghy...

:-) Miniature telescopes were issued both to RAF aircrew and to the SOE.

(Not many people know that...)For the last eighty years, the parachute has probably been the main means for aircrew to escape injury or death.This gave it a measly Muzzle Energy of 176 foot pounds.At the same time, US aircrew were carrying either the .38 Special revolver (ME 250) or the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ME 400).Worn on the leg, often inverted on the calf or thigh, the release knife is freed from its scabbard by squeezing the metal tabs on either side of the handle.The cutting edge is actually on the inside of the curved blade, which makes it useless for knife-fighting; but very efficient at slicing through straps, hoses, electrical leads - and parachute cords should you end up dangling from a tree.

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