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With one in particular, a keen walker, we were discussing her engagement to a really nice guy she had met locally. His idea of sport was a Saturday morning in front of the telly with a beer.It was clear in our conversation that there was an area of her life that was missing from their relationship. Little did I know the emotional journey I was about to go on.However, sometimes keeping things interesting can be challenge.When you’re starting a new biker relationship, you can definitely have a mix of emotions.It was after these conversations that I resolved to start the site. Others would speak of the discovery of their perfect partner and a new life they didn't expect.Still more would just overflow with thanks for unspecified benefits and merely ask that I "Keep up the good work." In short, behind the anonymity of the internet there are Real People, with Real Lives.Adventures with a like minded person are just around the corner.

I started this site in response to a need I perceived when speaking to single "outdoorsy" friends.Dating is designed with a fluid user experience in mind.With thousands of real singles to choose from for free, every member of our site is sure to find a match that complements it quickly and easily. Take a look at our Forum and Invitations pages for up-to-date postings by Members.Register for to find a new love or friendship; someone into walking, skiing or mountaineering; climbing, scrambling and mountain biking; or maybe you are a water person with sailing and canoeing as your main interest.

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If we picked 10 random North American mountain bikers out of a hat, 8 of them would be men. Now before you jump right to the comments, let me be clear: I’m not out to advocate anything with regards to diversity or demographics within our sport.

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