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Four female prisoners beat her on the head and broke her nose. Nasyrova also claims that one of the guards saw her beating, but did not intervene.Nasyrova clarified that after the incident she lost her ability to see, which did not recover even a month later.“When I open my eyes, I see nothing. According to information published in the electronic database of the New York Penitentiary Administration, Nasyrova is currently in a prison hospital.How far are you willing to go to meet a Russian lady?If you’re someone who thinks distance is never an issue r, then going to Russia should be at the very top of your list.Since the end of 2016, a woman has started to maintain a page on the social network., thanks to which she was able to find the former policeman, and now private detective Herman Weisberg, hired by the relatives of the murdered Alekseenko.And these people treat with understanding and try to somehow help, alleviate some kind of prison life.Published horrific violence statistics in US prisons Violence and pain in American nursing homes Revelations of a Russian woman suspected of cruel murder: an interview from an American prison The criminals of the year: our people arrested in the US in 2017Dear Forum Daily readers! Over the past four years, we have received a lot of grateful feedback from readers who have been helped by our materials to arrange life after moving to the USA, to get a job or education, to find housing or to arrange a child in kindergarten. After a sharp reduction in advertising revenues from Facebook, our revenues do not cover the costs of editorial content, which jeopardizes the continuous operation of the site. Do you want more important and interesting news about life in the USA and immigration to America? Choose the option "Priority in the show" - and read us first.

Suspected of murder and numerous thefts, Russian Victoria Nasyrova almost lost her sight after being beaten up by other prisoners in a New York prison on Rikers Island.According to investigators, Nasyrova found potential male victims on Russian-language dating sites, arranged visits for them, and at the meeting mixed into drinks or food stupefying substances, then robbed.In Russia, Nasyrova is suspected of killing 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko, committed in October 2014 in Krasnodar with the aim of stealing.Reports the edition about it Tass, with reference to the electronic version of the newspaper The New York Daily News.Nasyrova told reporters that the incident took place shortly after a quarrel with other 3 prisoners in January.

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