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I have a anvil in my shop, never really looked at it, use it very little, seen the post about anvils thought I would look and see what I have. This was a popular weight of anvil for horsehoers and light-to-medium smithing.This anvil I found while riding a honda 90 about 40 years ago, took me forever to get it home on that 3 wheeler. Peter Wright anvils were made in England and imported into the USA in large numbers.The square hole you name on the anvil is the "hardy hole".Anvil tools with square tapered shanks fit into that hole.The 126# had a crack from one corner of the hardy hole.

needless to say, raising the center of gravity and shifting it towards the rear wheel provided some interesting moments on corners . For the last 15 years I have been studying the blacksmith craft.

I will post some pictures when I get a chance if anybody is interested.

Like I said I dont want to sell it, just wondering if I have some that never really thought about, (just a anvil).

Used to be a dollar a pound for older anvils was the going rate, but I hear tell it is up to closer to three bucks a pound for an anvil in usable condition. Come to think of it, I believe the first # is the Hundred weight(112 lb.) , the second is Quater weight or 1/4 of 112 lbs.= (28 lb.), the third # is in Lbs. ( 112 28 1=141lb.) Those English folk get everything so confused.

As for my own Peter wrights- I will not part with them. (Grin) You are wright about being a experiance, after a while it became a challenge, sounds like it was worth it. My son will be getting a good collection of old equip.

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