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Now it's easier to call out." That we do—in memes, in text threads, in point-counterpoint think pieces.

Defining these terms is just one part of it: an almost-explanation for behavior that feels, in the moment, absolutely inexplicable.

There's also haunting, benching, and the slow fade, along with at least half a dozen more lowbrow-brilliant colloquialisms that sum up just about every niche dating experience you've ever encountered (and then some).

My personal favorite—in terminology, in practice—is Draking: posting moody lyrics and "cryptic" inspirational quotes in lieu of directly addressing a tough break.

You will quickly take notice that there is only one label gun listed for each date print identification.

Jenner is a model who frequently flies around the world for assignments; when she's not doing that, she's based on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles.Breakups, no matter how casual, are emotionally charged.When our egos are bruised, it's too easy to see a passing "like" or even someone checking our Instagram Story as evidence that our narrative together isn't necessarily over, that maybe they really enough. Assigning labels to these behaviors brings rational thought back into focus by reminding us exactly how widespread they are and that, most likely, your ex is not the exception to the rule.In truth, they're all kind of synonyms for the same thing: the inevitably messy aftermath of disconnecting from someone in our highly connected world.Apps (and social media, in general) have gamified the dating experience to the point of making people seem more disposable than ever.

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