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Our society is based on Black and White, and those children in the middle need to understand that dealing with and not ignoring racism (pretending it does not exist) is the key to create a non-racial society. The author in this article, I believe, rightly rejects the "just say no" argument. With classification, people were given certain rights and privileges.If a person was White, they received the rights and privileges; if they were Black or of the mixed race they received nothing.The Supreme Court case, which directly speaks to this topic, is Loving v. In 1958 Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter married in Washington, D. and returned to Virginia together as husband and wife. The problem arose in that since 1961 Virginia banned interracial marriages.

In addition, the reader should have a better understanding of the history of interracial marriages. Children in Interracial Homes, Marriage Across the Color Line (1965). Racial Purity and Interracial Sex in the Law of Colonial and Antebellum Virginia, 77 Geo. Even though this article is used as a comparison between interracial and same-sex marriages, it gives a vivid history of interracial marriages and how the children of these marriages were viewed by society. First, the author talks about the origins of laws against interracial marriages in Alabama.

The author gives three reasons for the recognition and teaching to children: the consciousness of racial identity is unavoidable in this society; if we do teach our children about these realities they can grow up proud, happy, self-confident, and can recognize and resist the messages of racism; and that in America today people of all backgrounds will continue to be damaged by the very concrete effects of racism as long as it permeates our society.26 The author goes on to strictly analyze the second way to effectively counter racism-create interracial families. 34 Paul Rosenblatt, Terri Karis, & Richard Powell, Children, Multiracial Couples, 197 (1995).

The advocates of this theory say that family relationships hold the key to the resolution of racial conflicts and if family ties make it across racial lines we will more quickly consume racism than by any other force.27 However, this argument is flawed because our schools, social lives, and any other aspect of life, are so frequently segregated that interracial couples must make constant choices about which communities to participate in, and multiracial children are continually confronted by questions of cultural and racial identity.

She was producing these mixed race children when in fact she was capable of producing pure White children.

Black woman who produced mixed race children were not seen as assaulting the White race because they were unable to produce White children, thus did not effect the White race.23 Lastly, the article discusses prosecution of rape in Virginia.

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This annotated bibliography will attempt to overview the history of interracial marriages and the children born out of such relationships.

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