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(We ate at Tri Sesira, which had two accordion-led acoustic bands playing simultaneously.) In the winter, when people crowd indoors, it’s quite common to dance on your table to show your appreciation, should the music so move you.

Even the magnificent Hotel Moskva, a city landmark built in 1908 and where I stayed, had a piano player at breakfast, which really added to the atmosphere of gilded chandeliers and red velvet furniture.

We got a drink at a place called Hush Hush, where a talented guitar-and-accordion duo played evergreen ‘50s and ‘60s music from Eastern Europe.

As a woman traveling alone, I often feel a lack of security going out on my own after dark.I couldn’t get it out of my head for days, despite knowing none of the lyrics or what they meant.The cobblestoned Skadarlija district — often compared with Paris’s Montmartre, and where your hotel will likely suggest that you have dinner — is filled with traditional taverns, called kafanas, where bands of five to six musicians move from table to table singing folk songs and taking requests.Like many Serbians, she’d left in the ’90s and built a life as a businesswoman in Prague.After Yugoslavia dissolved, about 15 years ago, the government sold off a lot of the businesses it owned, including restaurants, and Ms.

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