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And many of us have seen the devastation a middle school breakup can cause, especially for young girls.Parents, it may seem cute and innocent that your 12 or 13 year old has a boyfriend/girlfriend, but heed the words of the Shulamite woman.As Paul commands Timothy to treat young women as sisters in all purity (mind and body), our young teens need to learn to do the same (1 Tim. Allow and encourage middle schoolers to hang out in mixed gender groups and crowds, but consider postponing the dating world for your child lest you find a very short star-crossed lover roaming the halls of your house.

This is where their energy and efforts should be focused in young adolescence.…for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave.Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD.Don’t encourage and enable them to start awakening love before the time is right. I’m not saying the next time you throw a pool party that the boys and girls need to have separate swim time.Obviously that is a little extreme, but I don’t think discouraging boyfriends, girlfriends, dates and dating for your middle schooler is.

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  1. While couples in North America are much more “chill” and like to take things slow, my observation of Korean couples is that they love going all out and externally celebrating their togetherness.