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© 1925, International Feature Service, Inc., used with permission of King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Chester Gould Dick Tracy, lacking some of the technological devices that he later used but sporting his trench coat, reports to his boss in one of the first strips.

: Comic Strips Newspaper readers often turn to the comic strips first and avidly enjoy the seemingly endless possibilities for storytelling and self-expression.

As depicted here, he was a willing soul who often found himself tricked into predicaments.

If you are serious fan of Bill Watterson's classic comic strip, then you need to be made aware of the existence of the Calvin and Hobbes search engine created by Michael Yingling.

' Tumblr was created by a group of friends who liked sharing their dating stories with each other.

Eventually, they decided to put some of their stories into comic strips and start a blog devoted to dating stories.

Published by International Feature Service, Inc., September 13, 1925.

Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-03464 (57).

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As we count down the final days to Garfield's 40th birthday, enjoy Jon's decades of self-inflicted pain in these comics collecting his flirt fails, date disasters, and conversation catastrophe.

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