Dating aquarius man win him back

He can seem "lost to you" at times, which is tough on more sensitive hearts. But if you're a big feeler and intense by nature, well, you'll be an awkward fit.

Many Aquarians are in committed relationships, but it's in their nature to engage with the many or to vanish by themselves. Be utterly fascinating and engaged in your own creations. Like other fixed signs, he tends to be a provocative tease, from behind a self-protective fortress.

You want your guy back but you do need to stop, think and then act. In order to get an Aquarius man back you need to have realistic expectations. Instead of hoping that he'll miraculously change his mind and want you back, you need to persuade him to do that.

Aquarius men need some time to process what happened once a relationship ends. If you grant him the space he desires you're sending a very clear message that you respect his needs.

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Instead of taking a step back and thinking about what the best approach to take is, we jump in, head first.

Our emotions get behind the driver's wheel and things careen out of control very quickly.

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