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When I started collecting and studying period frames in earnest in the early 1980s, they were still being discarded with the daily trash.

Learning about the frames then was an uphill struggle with little information readily available.

(Figure 8) Eastlake-style frames also became popular with myriad variations available.

This was also a time of widespread industrialization and frame manufacture was no exception.

Machines were made that allowed pattern to be stamped onto lengths of molding that could he chopped and joined, and silver leaf was widely used as an alternative to gold at less expense.

(Figure 3) During the 1860s the pendulum swung back to a simpler style with the Renaissance Revival and the delight in neoclassical ornament.

Soft undulant forms were replaced by the fluted cove design.

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The wide margin between what a dealer will pay when purchasing frames for their inventory and what the frames may ultimately retail for is influenced by several factors unique to frames. There was little standardization in painting sizes during the 19th century, so few frames fit without alteration.

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