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I have a Beta 15 in my B15 and like the tone of that speaker, and have heard good things about the Betas in the B25, so if you do go the route of replacing, I'd go with the Betas.If you do order new speakers, try somewhere like US Speaker as they tend to be cheaper than most.I picked up an old 2x15 cab a couple of months ago, and the bottom speaker has now blown.

Parts Express will give you a greater range of speakers to choose from.

I currently have a pair of blown eminence Delta 15A's in my B25 - lesson learned on backlining my gear - and plan to have the stock CTS speakers repaired (came to me dead) by OC instead of replacing or repairing the eminences.

Fliptops recommends the Beta 15A's for the B25 cab (honestly I ordered the wrong ones when I placed my order but liked them enough to keep them).

As far as speakers, OC Speaker charge plus shipping for reconing the original CTS speakers, and according to their specs this will give them a thermal rating of about 150-200 watts.

Should be ok with the 5150, especially since you won't be able to pump a ton of low bass from that head anyhow.

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