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As an older gay man with a mixed-race family, I fully agree and will pass your words on to my editors and blogger-community! This man helped me a lot and helped me achieve happiness.

about being authentic self and make it awesome and being with people we have chemistry with. This is a good article, it really is, but I'm just noticing the white, middle-class, traditionally attractive, and heterosexual image of the photo that accompanies the article. Just be aware of the ubiquitous heteronormative white images.Men love women with long hair ( it doesn't matter if you have hair extension ot not) , they consider that long hair is sexy.So all we need is to love ourselves and in this way everything will be okay When it comes to relationship success there is no one general rule; as what worked for someone else may not work for you.Following the advice below is like exhaling while holding your breath: Not to mention the stream of exhortations to tone up, look younger, accessorize better—it’s endless.In my decades of work as a psychotherapist, I’ve heard so many clients report that they feel like the walking wounded after spending years trying to play these games.

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  3. Expert's opinion is limited to the information presented, and is to help you consider options; it is not and cannot take the place of a counseling session.