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Contrary to urban myth, red headed men aren’t universally small.

According to research, ginger men are like most men when it comes to size, meaning it varies. And whenever someone is “different”, they often get criticized.

It also means that gingers can use the redhead stereotype of being hot-headed as an excuse for losing their temper once in a while (or a lot).

that redheads have the strongest scent of all women, emitting notes of amber and violet.

For reasons we don’t fully understand, people with red hair experience pain differently. Well my friend, grab yourself a ginger guy because they’re nature’s cure for sadness.

There’s some research to suggest they have a higher pain threshold. Who doesn’t want that kind of guy attached to their arm? That’s because men with red hair have developed a sense of humor to laugh off critical a-holes throughout the course of their lifespan.

These are just a smattering of nicknames those blessed with red hair have had to contend with ever since they left home and went to pre-school.You betcha, and a true ginger will know where he can get it. You will have described yourself as strawberry blonde as some point, cue cringe You have blurted this out and immediately regretted it.There is no nuanced understanding among ‘normals’ (those with non-red hair), they see us all the same.For a redheaded child to be born, both parents must carry the recessive MC1R ‘ginger gene’.And even then, there’s only 25% chance of having a baby with red hair.

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As it is Kiss-a-ginger day, the issues afflicting our rare species should be aired and just in case you still feel alone, here are a few things you will have common with other ginger haired gents: 1.

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