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You can be sure that women born in 1966 are not quick to reveal this in public.Today these women are beginning to revise these beliefs, and their stories are capturing the imagination of the world.I am not a Fire Horse sign, but I appreciated that the teacher saw these characteristics in me. Unlike the astrology based on sun signs that my mother reads in her daily newspaper, Chinese astrology is closely linked with Chinese philosophy and astronomy.A person's destiny is determined by his or her birth, the season, and the hours of their birth.Depending upon the year born, a person can also be one of the elements wood, fire, earth, metal, or water.

In Japan the Hinoeuma Association, was formed by six Fire Horse women to raise awareness and better the perceptions of the roughly 1,300,000 fire horse women who were born in Japan.It bothered me, but I knew I needed this central image to drive the story.Then in January of 2007 I attended a teachers' retreat.It was a day of journaling, poetry, walking, talking, and space.This was just over a month after I left my husband and I was scared and in search of some peace so the day resonated with me. At the end of the day one of the participants asked me if I was a Fire Horse.

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