Dating a abused women

An abuser may also use his/her or your HIV-positive status or sexual orientation as a means to control you.For example, an abuser may threaten to reveal your HIV status or your sexual identity.EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Undermining a person's sense of self-worth, e.g., constant criticism, belittling one's abilities, name calling, damaging a partner's relationship with the children.

In addition to help from a lawyer, you might benefit from safety planning, medical care, counseling, economic assistance and planning, job placement, childcare, eldercare or pet care assistance, or many other types of practical help and advice.The law defines domestic violence and dating violence in very specific ways. Each state, territory or tribe decides for itself how to define domestic violence and how its laws will help and protect victims, so the laws are different from one state to another.Most states include dating violence in their restraining order laws.Here are some examples of the different forms of abuse, as explained by The Network La Red: PHYSICAL ABUSE: Grabbing, pinching, shoving, slapping, hitting, hair pulling, biting, etc.; denying medical care or forcing alcohol and/or drug use.SEXUAL ABUSE: Coercing or attempting to coerce any sexual contact without consent, e.g., marital rape; forcing sex after physical beating; attacks on sexual parts of the body or treating another in a sexually demeaning manner; forcing the victim to perform sexual acts on another person, perform sexual acts via the Internet, or forcing the victim to pose for sexually explicit photographs against his/her will.

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Using your race, class, age, immigration status, religion, size, physical ability, language, and/or ethnicity against you in some way. checklist has more specific examples of what kinds of behavior can be considered abuse.

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