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However it’s believed that Craig saw his casting as too “left-field” a decision for a Bond enemy.The insider added: “It was telling the producers put his [Craig's] name on their release saying that Boyle had been sacked," the source said.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Giancarlo Giannini, Jeffrey Wright, Jesper Christensen & Judi Dench. It was Eva Green who arrived last last night at the Golden Compass party. Flashbulbs go off like crazy…because girl knows how to work it. So she takes her spot, hands on hips, pushes her shoulders and elbows forwards so her back is like a little hunched but not really and then arches her back at the same time – I’m telling you, it’s an art – and dips her chin and coyly, very coyly, as though making love to every lens, gives a half smile.I wish I could upload a video of myself imitating to show you properly. But the best is that she held pose during each and every one of her tv interviews. It’s the kind of effort you EXPECT from a celebrity.The source was specifically commenting on Craig’s alleged disagreement with Bond 25 director Boyle.The filmmaker, who has now quit the film, is said to have wanted to cast Cold War actor Tomasz Kot as the lead Russian villain.

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