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Get out your rom coms and tissues, because some of these are adorable.“My boyfriend and I were best friends for years and then eventually started dating, but we realized we never went on an actual first date.

So my senior year of high school, he rented us a canoe and bought us a picnic and we spent that day canoeing around the Delaware river and it was so much fun!

I can honestly say I have never been so entertained on a date before.”“Sophomore year, when I was 15, this amazing guy took me to the movies to see and with all that space we had, we still sat close enough to hold hands.”“The best first date I went on was during my freshman year of college.

I went to a hockey game with one of my guy friends. It wasn't boring, we laughed the whole night and he was a gentleman.”“I met this girl freshman year of college at a party and we hit off immediately. A week later we went on our first date and we went to brunch together and hiking afterwards.”“The best first date I've ever gone on was the summer before my junior year.

I love simplicity and I think that played a huge factor in why I loved it so much. National Mall and had a picnic and walked around the monuments and ended up sitting on the back end of the Lincoln memorial talking about music, politics and history for an hour and it was just all around great!

Personally, I love having conversations on first dates because I like to really get to know the person before anything else happens.”“My best first date happened when I was 19, and at the end of my 2nd semester of college. ”“I was 20 and I was a sophomore, and my first date with my current girlfriend was my best.

We had a great time, and we got to finally be alone and just be ourselves and get to know one another better.”“I was 15, I was a freshman in high school, it was awesome cause it made me feel like a woman.When we passed by Build-a-Bear I jokingly said we should make one. So we went in and chose a cute little sloth, and named him Max!It was adorable, especially when the woman making him made us do all the cute things that they make kids do. It was so different seeing a guy with a beard making a Build-a-Bear in the mall and then walking around with it after. I totally thought I had weirded him out but we're still together so I guess not!It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly qualifies as a great first date since each person has a different expectation and preference of the style for a first date. Is it the food, the view, your date, or all of the above?I talked to 25 high school and college students about their best first date, what it entailed and why it was so memorable.

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