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We’re men just like you are, and we’ve just had to jump in headfirst to learn the ins and outs so that you don’t have to.

Trying to use a classified ad doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, however.

By reading our guide, you’re setting yourself up for success.

We’ve used a ton of free classified ads, and also jumped straight into free trials to figure out what really gets us lucky with these ladies.

It can be a total pain to go through UK classified ads and really find the kinds of ladies that you’re looking for…and we’ve been there.

(Our blog has all sorts of information that we have learned about online dating.) When you’re busy and up to your neck in work, there’s not much of a chance to go out and populate bars that aren’t going to help you meet the kinds of women you want, anyway. That’s probably you, too, and even if it isn’t, it’s too much of a pain to try and go and meet ladies in the ‘usual’ places.

It’s time-consuming, it’s risky, and most of the time, you’re just going to go home alone and feel worse than you did going out.

It can be an amazing way to try and meet the kinds of women that you want to date, and that’s why we’ve really gone out of our way to do our research and figure out which sites work and which ones don’t.

By learning the right way to approach classified ads, you’re going to have a much easier time with any dating process.

Search for classified and dating ads:

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That right there should tell you just how shady the company really is.

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