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The dates proposed by a group of experts who attended goes from 486 BCE to 261 BCE for the decease of the Buddha.

The sequence of events in these centuries is somehow obscure and complex, which is why dating the Buddha’s life is not so simple.

The reality is that there is not a unanimously accepted date for the historical Buddha’s life amongst scholars.

In 1988 CE a symposium named “The Dating of the Historical Buddha” took place in Gottingen, Germany.

Early Buddhist texts from mainland India, as well as references in the earliest historiographic work of the Theravada tradition date the death of the Buddha a hundred years before the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

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What seems to be certain is that the Buddha died approximately at the age of eighty some time between 410 and 370 BCE.

Any date between these two means that the Buddha passed away about 140-100 years before the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

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