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They may not want to become a nurse to someone or maybe they’ve already been down that path with their previous spouse,” Vitale continues.

In the last several months, there have been news stories about scammers targeting seniors and swindling them out of over a million dollars in some instances.

(And psst: if you struggle with technology, we’re sure your child or grandchild would be more than happy to step in and help.)After you’ve raised your kids, gone through a divorce (or a death), paid off your debt and settled into a comfortable retirement—you can now turn your attention toward yourself.

This newfound liberty might feel like a permission slip to finally have your back, making this an appropriately-named digital destination.

“These years allow for more time to relax and choose activities.

“A lot of people fail at online dating because they don’t write enough about themselves or what they are looking for in their profiles.“Older adults are free to look for partners based on whether or not they make a good companion, they aren’t necessarily looking for a partner to marry and are past the raising children phase,” he explains.Another bonus for 50-, 60-, and 70-something daters is retirement offers much more freedom to have dates you never would have dreamed of when you were starting your career.After all, what mattered most to you when you were 25 is likely not what will grab—and keep—your attention at 65.As dating expert from Chris Vitale explains, senior singles care less about looks, and rather, they’re seeking a quality person who will provide a healthy, stable partnership that can guide them through their golden years.

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Though this could make you pickier in some respects, he also shares it opens up your age range, since five to 10 years doesn’t matter quite as much anymore.

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