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However, first we will provide education on what to watch out for and avoid.

Consumers of sex toys understand the importance of a quality product.

This is where independent sellers sign up for an account and then out bid their competition.

The problem in doing this game of how low can you go is that they tend to put the consumer at risk for voiding the warranty due to the receipt showing that they did not pay the MSRP through the sex toy manufacturers who have what is known as a MAP (minimum advertised price) contract.

They are the only retailers that will be able to sell you sex toys that will ensure that the manufacturer warranties are honored.

If you buy from a fly by night company that is selling you a name brand sex toy for a 'too good to be true' price you may be getting one where the warranty is voided because it was not through an authorized dealer who abided by the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price).

It can backfire on them, especially when they send pornographic materials as customers typically do not like being inundated with adult material as they find it embarrassing.

Worse yet, you may be getting a previously sold sex toy... You can see this through auction sites or even mainstream sites that allow for independent sellers to fill your orders.

In some cases the independent seller will send their merchandise to be fulfilled by the main company or they may ship it to the customer directly.

People around the world look for the latest sex toy to delight their senses but many do not know who makes the best sex toys.

This article will review some of the top sex toy companies providing the hottest trends in adult toys as well as those companies that make safe sexual products that will last.

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