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You keep her on that shallow pedestal and go for a girl who is more “simple”, because that’s easier. The “simple girl” may be the safe choice, yet that doesn’t mean she is the right choice.There is a sense of security with the “simple girl”.You don’t give her a chance to leave that realm of fantasy and become real.You do not give her the chance to be both, and she can be.“ Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” She is the “fantasy girl”, the “muse”, but she isn’t your wife. She is something you want, but not something you need.

Or she could have a “pretty person job”, where a part of her job can be based on her looks.

It is easy for Alice to fall in the shallow rabbit hole, when all of her friends are pushing her in.

Their beauty becomes like a prize, that must be earned and nothing ever seems good enough.

Therefore attractive people may give up too soon, knowing they can easily find someone else that finds them desirable.

If they do have a steady partner, it won’t be long before he becomes jealous.

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