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With Asian girlfriend, get ready to find her long black hair everywhere – on the carpet, on the bed, in the shower drain. She is accustomed that many people distort it, but she expects from you the correct pronunciation. The best Asian-American dating is where a man does not eat from a lady’s plate, does not try to show off his knowledge of culture, does not try to kiss her in public. Asians love simple and straightforward compliments, for example, on beautiful skin, shiny hair, and elegant figure. Their local men are modest enough for this, so the girls will be happy for any compliment, but not on their eyes.

Get used to her critical attitude towards yourself. To make your date irreproachable, follow these simple rules:“Konnichiwa” is the wrong way to greet. Do not think that using this word, you seem to be a connoisseur of Asia. There is nothing worse for an Asian when her new acquaintance tries to convince her of his deep knowledge about that part of the planet. It is not a 100% topic-taboo, but you don’t need to be zealous.

Even if you are a professor in this field, you do not need to push it in her face. Asian girls are very shy, especially in a company with a foreigner.

If you meet a girl, get married and have children, what traditions will you instill in them? Make a list of the necessary partners’ qualities for you, and when registering on the site, be sure to focus on this attention.

It is also important to understand that your partner can also maintain or ignore what is dear to you. So you will facilitate the communication to yourself.

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